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Descriptions in this manual
Information and precautions

Descriptions in this manual

Information and precautions

Life-long learning

As part of Nikon’s “Life-long learning” commitment to ongoing product support and education, continually updated information is available online at the following websites:

Visit these websites to keep up-to-date with the latest product information, tips, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and general advice on digital imaging and photography. Additional information may be available from the Nikon representative in your area. Visit the website below for contact information.

Before taking important pictures

Before taking pictures on important occasions (such as at weddings or before taking the camera on a trip), take a test shot to ensure that the camera is functioning normally. Nikon will not be held liable for damages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction.

Use only Nikon brand electronic accessories

Nikon COOLPIX cameras are designed to the highest standards and include complex electronic circuitry. Only Nikon brand electronic accessories (including battery chargers, batteries, AC adapters, and USB cables) certified by Nikon specifically for use with this Nikon digital camera are engineered and proven to operate within the operational and safety requirements of this electronic circuitry.
A holographic seal that indicates an accessory as an authentic Nikon product is affixed to the dedicated rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The use of third-party rechargeable Li-ion batteries not bearing the Nikon holographic seal could interfere with normal operation of the camera or result in the batteries overheating, igniting, rupturing, or leaking.
For more information about Nikon brand accessories, contact a local authorized Nikon dealer.

About the manuals

Comply with copyright notices

Under copyright law, photographs or recordings of copyrighted works made with the camera can not be used without the permission of the copyright holder. Exceptions apply to personal use, but note that even personal use may be restricted in the case of photographs or recordings of exhibits or live performances.

Disposing of data storage devices

Please note that deleting images or formatting data storage devices such as memory cards does not completely erase the original image data. Deleted files can sometimes be recovered from discarded storage devices using commercially available software, potentially resulting in the malicious use of personal image data. Ensuring the privacy of such data is the user’s responsibility.

Before discarding a data storage device or transferring ownership to another person, make sure to reset all of the camera’s settings in the setup menu [Reset all]. After resetting, erase all data in the device using commercial deletion software, or format the device in the setup menu [Format card], then completely refill it with images containing no private information (for example, images of empty sky). Care should be taken to avoid injury or damage to property when physically destroying memory cards.

Conformity marking

Follow the procedure below to display the conformity markings that the camera complies with.
Press the button select (setup) button Conformity marking button