Camera setup

When the camera is turned on for the first time, screens to set the display language and camera clock are displayed.
Use the multi selector (1) and (apply selection) button (2) to select and adjust settings.

  1. Press the power switch to turn on the camera.
  2. Press on the multi selector to highlight a language and press the button to select.
    • The displayed languages vary depending on the country or region.
  3. Select [Yes] and press the button.
  4. Highlight your home time zone and press the button.
    • To turn daylight saving time on, press ; will be displayed above the map. Press to turn daylight saving time off.
  5. Press to select a date format and press the button.
  6. Set the date and time.
    • Press to highlight items and to change them.
    • Select the minute field and press the button to confirm the setting.
  7. When prompted, press to highlight [Yes] and press the button.
    • Setup is complete and the camera switches to the shooting screen.

Setting the language

The language can be set at any time in the setup menu [Language].

To change the time zone and date setting

Set in the setup menu [Time zone and date].
In [Time zone and date] [Time zone], the time is one hour earlier when daylight saving time is on, and goes back one hour when it is off.