Playing back images

  1. Press the (playback) button to enter full-frame playback mode.
    • If you press and hold down the button while the camera is turned off, the camera turns on in playback mode.
  2. Use the multi selector to select an image to display.
    • Use the multi selector to display the previous image, or to display the next image.
    • Press and hold down to scroll through the images quickly.
    • Images can also be selected by rotating the multi selector.
    • Press the (display) button to switch the information displayed on the screen each time.
    • To play back a recorded movie, press the  button.
    • To return to shooting mode, press the button or shutter-release button.
    • Move the zoom control toward () in full-frame playback mode to zoom in on an image.
      Playback zoom
    • In full-frame playback mode, move the zoom control toward () to switch to thumbnail playback mode and display multiple images on the screen.
      Thumbnail playback/calendar display

Other playback methods