Deleting images

  1. In playback mode, press the (delete) button to delete the image currently displayed on the screen.
  2. Use the multi selector to select the desired deletion method and press the  button.
    • If you selected [Current image] or [All images], proceed to step 6.
    • To exit without deleting, press the button.
  3. Use the multi selector or rotate it to select the image that you want to delete.
    • Move the zoom control toward () to switch to full-frame playback, or () to switch to thumbnail playback.
  4. Use to show or hide .
    • Show under images that you want to delete. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to select additional images.
  5. Press the button to apply the image selection.
  6. When the confirmation dialog is displayed, select [Yes] and press the button.
    • Deleted images cannot be recovered.
    • The message in the confirmation dialog varies depending on the selected deletion method.

Notes about deleting images simultaneously saved in RAW and JPEG

When using this camera to delete images captured using [RAW + Fine] or [RAW + Normal] in the [Image quality] setting, both of the simultaneously saved RAW and JPEG images are deleted. You cannot delete only one format.

Deleting images captured continuously (sequence)

  • Images captured continuously are saved as a sequence, and only the first image of the sequence (the key picture) is displayed in playback mode (default setting).
  • If you press the button while a key picture is displayed for a sequence of images, all images in the sequence are deleted.
  • To delete individual images in a sequence, press the button to display them one at a time and press the button.

Deleting the image captured while in shooting mode

When using shooting mode, press the button to delete the last image that was saved.