Selecting a shooting mode (mode dial)

You can rotate the mode dial to align the desired shooting mode with the indicator mark on the camera body.

Shooting modeDescription
(Auto) modeSelect this mode to perform general shooting in a variety of shooting conditions.
, , , and modesSelect these modes for greater control over shutter speed and f‑number.
(User settings) modeThe frequently used settings in , , , and modes can be saved. To shoot with the saved settings, rotate the mode dial to .
(Creative) modeApply effects to images during shooting.
(Movie manual) modeYou can record movies with the exposure mode set to aperture-priority auto or manual.
Still images cannot be captured.
, , and modesSelect any one of scene modes based on the shooting conditions, and you can take pictures with the appropriate settings for those conditions.
  • (bird-watching): Use this mode when capturing images of birds in a telephoto position.
  • (moon): Use this mode when capturing images of the moon in a telephoto position.
  • (scene): Press the button and select a scene mode.