Flash mode

You can change the flash settings to match the shooting conditions.

  1. Press the (flash pop-up) button to raise the built-in flash.
    • When the built-in flash is lowered, flash operation is disabled and is displayed on the shooting screen.
    • Make sure that the built-in flash is lowered when using a Speedlight.
  2. Press the multi selector ().
  3. Select the desired flash mode and press the button.
    • For information about the types of flash modes, see “Available flash modes”.
    • If the setting is not applied by pressing the button, the selection will be canceled.

The flash-ready indicator

While the built-in flash is charging, flashes. The camera cannot shoot images.
If charging is complete, is displayed steadily when you press the shutter-release button halfway.

Available flash modes

AutoThe flash fires when necessary, such as in dim lighting.
  • The flash mode indicator is only displayed immediately after setting on the shooting screen.
Auto with red-eye reduction/ Red-eye reductionReduce red-eye in portraits caused by the flash.
[Auto with red-eye reduction]/[Red-eye reduction]
  • When [Red-eye reduction] is selected, the flash fires whenever a picture is taken.
Fill flash/Standard flashThe flash fires whenever a picture is taken.
Slow syncSuited to evening and night portraits that include background scenery. Fill flash fires to illuminate the main subject; slow shutter speeds are used to capture background at night or under dim lighting.
Rear-curtain syncFill flash fires just before the shutter closes, creating the effect of a stream of light following moving subjects.

Notes about shooting with the flash

When you use the flash at the wide-angle zoom position, the edge of the image may be dark depending on the shooting distance.
This may be improved by adjusting the zoom slightly to a telephoto position.

The flash mode setting

The available flash modes differ depending on the shooting mode.

Flash mode1, , 1111
Auto with red-eye reduction
Red-eye reduction
Fill flash
Standard flash
Slow sync
Rear-curtain sync
  1. When shooting with [Auto with red-eye reduction] in (auto) mode, and when shooting mode , , , or is used, the applied setting is saved in the camera’s memory even after the camera is turned off.
  2. Availability depends on the setting.
    Default settings (flash, self-timer, and focus mode)

[Auto with red-eye reduction]/[Red-eye reduction]

The red-eye reduction lamp glows before the main flash to reduce the red-eye effect. Note the following when shooting:

  • Because the red-eye reduction lamp glows, more time than usual is required until the shutter is released after you press the shutter-release button.
  • Red-eye reduction may not produce the desired results in some situations.

Using a Speedlight (external flash)

  • The built-in flash does not fire when a Speedlight is attached. Make sure that the built-in flash is lowered.
  • Turn the camera off when attaching and detaching a Speedlight.
  • The mode names and function names of Speedlights may differ from those of the built-in flash.
  • See “Speedlights (external flash units)” and refer to the documentation provided with your Speedlight for more information.