The camera releases the shutter when the set number of seconds elapses after you press the shutter-release button.

  1. Press the multi selector ().
  2. Select the number of seconds until the shutter is released, and press the  button.
    • [10s] (10 seconds): Use on important occasions such as weddings, or to prevent camera shake. This setting is recommended when shooting in a telephoto position with the camera attached to a tripod.
    • [3s] (3 seconds): Use to prevent camera shake.
    • If the setting is not applied by pressing the button, the selection will be canceled.
  3. Frame the picture and press the shutter-release button halfway.
    • Confirm that the subject is in focus.
  4. Press the shutter-release button all the way down.
    • The focus and exposure are locked, and countdown starts.
    • The self-timer lamp flashes and then glows steadily about one second before the shutter is released.
    • When the shutter is released, the self-timer is set to [OFF].
      When the shooting mode is Moon, the self-timer is not automatically set to [OFF]. To end self-timer, select [OFF] in step 2.
    • To stop the countdown, press the shutter-release button again.

Notes about using a tripod during shooting

  • When using a tripod to stabilize the camera during shooting, select the setup menu [Vibration reduction] [Off]. See “Using a tripod” when using a tripod.
  • The camera may move slightly when operated, even if it is attached to a tripod, which may interfere with the autofocus. Wait a few seconds after operating the camera, and then slowly press the shutter-release button.
  • If it is difficult for the camera to focus using autofocus, try using manual focus.
    Using manual focus
  • When using a remote control (available separately), you can release the shutter without pressing the shutter-release button on the camera.
    Remote control accessories

The self-timer setting