Smile timer

When the camera detects a smiling face, you can take a picture automatically without pressing the shutter-release button.

  1. Press the multi selector ().
    • Change any flash mode, exposure, or shooting menu settings before pressing .
  2. Select [Smile timer], and press the  button.
    • If the setting is not applied by pressing the button, the selection will be canceled.
  3. Frame the picture and wait for the subject to smile without pressing the shutter-release button.
    • Point the camera at a human face.
    • If the camera detects that the face framed by the double border is smiling, the shutter is automatically released.
    • Whenever the camera detects a smiling face, it automatically releases the shutter.
    • The shutter-release button can also be used for shooting.
  4. End automatic shooting.
    • To end automatic shooting with smile timer, return to step 1 and select [OFF].

Notes about [Smile timer]

  • When the focus-mode selector is set to (manual focus), [Smile timer] cannot be set.
  • Under some shooting conditions, the camera may be unable to detect faces or smiles.
    Notes about face detection

When the self-timer lamp flashes

When using [Smile timer], the self-timer lamp flashes when the camera detects a face and flashes quickly immediately after the shutter is released.