Use this mode to shoot backlit subjects. Use when taking pictures with very bright and dark areas in the same frame.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to
  2. button
  3. Backlighting
  4. button
OnHigh dynamic range (HDR) compositing is applied. Use when taking landscapes with very bright and dark areas in the same frame.
(default setting)
High dynamic range (HDR) compositing is not applied. The flash fires to prevent the subject from being hidden in shadow. Raise the built-in flash before shooting.
  1. Select [On] or [Off] for high dynamic range (HDR) compositing.
  2. Frame the subject and take a picture.
    • The camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame. The position of the area cannot be moved.
    • If [On] is set:
      • When there is a big difference between the bright and dark areas, the HDR icon on the shooting screen changes to green.
      • When the shutter-release button is pressed all the way, the camera shoots images continuously and saves the following two images.
        • A non-HDR composite image
        • An HDR composite image in which the loss of details in highlights or shadows is minimized
    • If [Off] is set:

      One image is captured when the shutter-release button is pressed all the way.

Notes about HDR

  • The angle of view (i.e., the area visible in the frame) seen in the saved image is narrower than that seen on the shooting screen.
  • After taking a picture, do not turn the camera off before the screen switches to the shooting screen.
  • Use of a tripod is recommended (Using a tripod). When using a tripod to stabilize the camera during shooting, select the setup menu [Vibration reduction] [Off].
  • During hand-held shooting, after pressing the shutter-release button all the way, hold the camera steadily so that it does not shake until the still image is displayed.
  • Under some shooting conditions, dark shadows may appear around bright subjects or bright areas may appear around dark subjects.
  • If there is only enough memory to save one image, an image processed by D-Lighting at the time of shooting, in which dark areas of the image are corrected, is the only image saved.