Easy panorama

Use this mode to shoot panorama images that can be played back on the camera. The camera captures several images and composites them into a panorama image.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to
  2. button
  3. Easy panorama
  4. button
  1. Select [Normal (180°)] or [Wide (360°)] as the shooting range and press the button.
  2. Frame the first edge of the panorama scene, and then press the shutter-release button halfway to focus.
    • The zoom position is fixed at wide-angle.
    • The camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame. The position of the area cannot be moved.
  3. Press the shutter-release button all the way, and then remove your finger from the shutter-release button.
    • are displayed to indicate the direction of camera movement.
  4. Move the camera in one of the four directions until the guide indicator (1) reaches the end.
    • When the camera detects which direction it is moving in, shooting begins.
    • Shooting ends when the camera captures the specified shooting range.
    • Focus and exposure are locked until shooting ends.

Example of camera movement

Notes about easy panorama shooting

  • The range of the image seen in the saved image is narrower than that seen on the screen at the time of shooting.
  • If the camera is moved too quickly or shaken too much, or if the subject is too uniform (e.g. walls or darkness), an error may occur.
  • If shooting is stopped before the camera reaches the half-way point in the panorama range, a panorama image is not saved.
  • If more than half of the panorama range is captured but shooting ends before reaching the edge of the range, the range not captured is recorded and displayed in gray.

Image size of easy panorama

There are four different image sizes (in pixels), as described below.

  • When [Normal (180°)] is set
  • When [Wide (360°)] is set

Easy panorama playback

See “Playback with easy panorama” for information about easy panorama playback.