Use this mode to shoot the moon.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to .
    • The default setting of the self-timer is [3s] (3 seconds). To change the setting, press the multi selector ().
  2. Frame the moon in the framing border (1).
    • At the wide-angle zoom position, the framing border is displayed to indicate the angle of view equivalent to that of a 1000 mm lens (in 35mm [135] format) (default setting).
    • You can change the angle of view for the framing border by pressing the button and selecting [Focal length selection].
  3. Press the button.
    • The camera zooms in so that the area inside the framing border takes up the entire angle of view (focal length). Use the zoom control or side zoom control to adjust the angle of view/zoom position according to the shooting conditions.
    • You can adjust hue by using the command dial.
    • Adjust the brightness with exposure compensation according to shooting conditions such as the waxing and waning of the moon and shooting requirements.
      Exposure compensation
  4. Shoot.
    • During autofocus, the camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame. The camera focuses at infinity.

The Moon mode setting

The [Focal length selection] and hue settings are saved in the camera’s memory even after the camera is turned off.