Creative mode (applying effects when shooting)

Apply effects to images during shooting.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to .
  2. Press the button.
    • The effect selection screen is displayed.
  3. Use the multi selector to select an effect (1).
    • The effect group (2) can be changed by rotating the command dial.
    • To exit without saving the selection, press .
  4. To adjust the effect, press .
    • If you do not want to adjust the effect, press the  button to proceed to step 7.
  5. Use to highlight the desired option and then press .
    • Select [Amount], [Exposure compensation], [Contrast], [Hue], [Saturation], [Filter], or [Peripheral illumination]. The options that can be selected vary depending on the group.
  6. Use to adjust the effect level and press the button.
  7. Press the shutter-release button or ( movie-record) button to shoot.

Selecting an effect group and effect

You can also select an effect group and effect by pressing the button when the screen in step 2 is displayed.

Functions available in creative mode