Exposure compensation

You can adjust overall image brightness.

  1. Press the multi selector ().
  2. Select a compensation value and press the button.
    • To brighten the image, set a positive (+) value.
    • To darken the image, set a negative (–) value.
    • The compensation value is applied, even without pressing the button.

The exposure compensation setting

  • If the setting is applied in , , or mode, it will remain saved in the camera’s memory even after the camera is turned off.
  • Exposure compensation cannot be used in the following shooting modes:
    • When scene mode is set to [Fireworks show], [Multiple exp. Lighten], or [Night sky (150 minutes)] or [Star trails (150 minutes)] in [Time-lapse movie]
    • (manual) mode
    • [Manual] in (Movie manual) mode
  • When the exposure compensation is set while using the built-in flash, the compensation is applied to both the background exposure and the flash output.
  • You can also set the exposure compensation by using the side dial.
    Assign side dial

Using the histogram

A histogram is a graph showing the distribution of tones in the image. Use as a guide when using exposure compensation and shooting without the flash.

  • The horizontal axis corresponds to pixel brightness, with dark tones to the left and bright tones to the right. The vertical axis shows the number of pixels.
  • Increasing the exposure compensation value shifts the tone distribution to the right, and decreasing it shifts the tone distribution to the left.