Basic operations of movie recording and movie playback

  1. Display the shooting screen.
    • Check the remaining amount of movie recording time (1) on the screen.
      Maximum movie recording time
    • It is recommended that you display the movie frame (2) that indicates the area that will be recorded in a movie.
      Movie frame
  2. Press the ( movie-record) button.
    • The camera starts recording a movie. The camera focuses in the center of the frame.
    • Press the button to pause recording, and press the button again to resume recording (except when an HS movie option is selected in [Movie options]). Recording automatically ends if it remains paused for about five minutes.
  3. Press the  () button to end recording.
  4. Select a movie in full-frame playback mode and press the  button to play it back.
    • An image with a movie options icon is a movie.
    Operations during movie playback

Movie frame



The button that locks the exposure depends on the setting in the setup menu [AE/AF lock button]. When [AE/AF lock], [AE lock only], or [AE lock (Hold)] is selected, press the button during movie recording to lock the exposure. To unlock, press the button again. When [AF lock only] is selected, press the multi selector during movie recording to lock the exposure. To unlock, press again.

Maximum movie recording time

The remaining recording time for a single movie is displayed on the shooting screen.

Notes about camera temperature

  • The camera may become hot when recording movies for an extended period of time or when the camera is used in a hot area.
  • If the inside of the camera becomes extremely hot when recording movies, the camera will automatically stop recording. The amount of time remaining until the camera stops recording (10s) is displayed.
    After the camera stops recording, it turns itself off.
    Leave the camera off until the inside of the camera has cooled.

Notes about movie recording

Notes about saving images or movies

The indicator showing the number of exposures remaining or the indicator showing the remaining recording time flashes, or [Please wait for the camera to finish recording.] is displayed while images or movies are being saved. Do not open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover or remove the battery or memory card while an indicator is flashing. Doing this could result in loss of data, or in damage to the camera or the memory card.

Notes about recorded movies

  • The sounds of zoom control operation, side dial operation, zoom, autofocus lens drive movement, vibration reduction, and aperture operation when brightness changes may be recorded.
  • The following phenomena may be seen on the screen while recording movies. These phenomena are saved in the recorded movies.
    • Banding may occur in images under fluorescent, mercury-vapor, or sodium-vapor lighting.
    • Subjects that move quickly from one side of the frame to the other, such as a moving train or car, may appear skewed.
    • The entire movie image may be skewed when the camera is panned.
    • Lighting or other bright areas may leave residual images when the camera is moved.
  • Depending on the distance to the subject or the amount of zoom applied, colored stripes may appear on subjects with repeating patterns (fabrics, lattice windows, etc.) during movie recording and playback. This occurs when the pattern in the subject and the layout of the image sensor interfere with each other; it is not a malfunction.

Notes about autofocus for movie recording

For “Subjects not suitable for autofocus”, autofocus may not perform as expected. Should this occur, focus using manual focus (Using manual focus) or try the following:

  1. Select the movie menu [Autofocus mode] [Single AF] (default setting) before starting movie recording.
  2. Frame another subject (positioned at the same distance from the camera as the intended subject) in the center of the frame, press the () button to start recording, and modify the composition.