Movie manual

In Movie manual mode, you can use the aperture-priority auto or manual setting to set the exposure (shutter speed and f-number) when recording movies.

Aperture-priority auto
(default setting)
When the f-number is set, the camera automatically determines the shutter speed. You can change the f-number to bring the subject, foreground and background into focus, or blur the subject’s background intentionally.
ManualSet both the shutter speed and f‑number.
  1. Press the button, select [Exposure mode], and press the button.
  2. Select [Aperture-priority auto] or [Manual], and press the button.
    • Set the following options according to your shooting conditions and requirements.
      • [Picture Control]
      • [Custom Picture Control]
      • [White balance]
      • [ISO sensitivity]
      • [Movie options]
      • [Autofocus mode]
      • [Electronic VR]
      • [Wind noise reduction]
      • [Zoom microphone]
      • [Frame rate]
      • [External mic sensitivity]
  3. Press the button to display the shooting screen.
  4. Set the exposure.
    • Rotate the command dial to set the shutter speed. Rotate the multi selector to set the f-number.
  5. Press the ( movie-record) button to start movie recording.
    • In autofocus, the camera focuses in the center of the frame. The focus area is not displayed.
    • In autofocus, to check the focus before starting movie recording, press the shutter-release button halfway, or select the Movie manual mode menu [Autofocus mode] [Full-time AF].
    • You can start/end movie recording by pressing the shutter-release button all the way down.
    • The shutter speed or f-number can also be set during movie recording (except when an HS movie option is selected in [Movie options]).

Notes about Movie manual mode

In Movie manual mode, you cannot capture still images.

Notes about ISO sensitivity

When the shooting mode is Movie manual and [Movie options] is set to an HS movie, [ISO sensitivity] is fixed at [100-1600].

Shutter speed

When the shutter speed setting is closer to the movie frame rate, the motion appears smoother. The shutter speed cannot be set slower than the frame rate.

Functions available in Movie manual mode