Time-lapse movie

The camera can automatically capture still images at a specified interval to create time-lapse movies that are approximately 10 seconds long.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to
  2. button
  3. Time-lapse movie
  4. button
Type (required shooting time)Interval time
30 fps (30p/60p)25 fps (25p/50p)
Cityscape (10 minutes)1
(default setting)
2 s2.4 s
Landscape (25 minutes)15 s6 s
Sunset (50 minutes)110 s12 s
Night sky (150 minutes)230 s36 s
Star trails (150 minutes)330 s36 s
  1. The camera focuses on the area in the center of the frame.
  2. Suited for recording the movement of stars.
  3. Star movement appears as lines of light due to image processing.
  1. Use the multi selector to select a type, and press the button.
  2. Select whether or not to fix exposure (brightness), and press the button (except [Night sky (150 minutes)] and [Star trails (150 minutes)]).
    • When [AE-L on] is selected, the exposure used for the first image is used for all images. When the brightness changes drastically like at dusk, [AE-L off] is recommended.
  3. Stabilize the camera by using a tool such as a tripod.
  4. Press the shutter-release button to capture the first image.
    • Set exposure compensation (Exposure compensation) before releasing the shutter for the first image (when using [Night sky (150 minutes)] or [Star trails (150 minutes)], exposure compensation cannot be used). Exposure compensation cannot be changed after the first image is captured. Focus and hue are fixed when the first image is captured.
    • When capturing images of stars, it is recommended that you use manual focus.
      Using manual focus
    • The shutter is automatically released for the second and subsequent images.
    • The screen may turn off during the shooting interval.
  5. End shooting.
    • Shooting ends automatically when 300 or 250 images are captured.
    • To end shooting before it automatically ends, press the button.

Notes about [Time-lapse movie]

  • Use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning off unexpectedly.
  • Do not rotate the mode dial or remove the memory card until shooting ends.
  • Time-lapse movies cannot be recorded by pressing the () button.
  • The auto off function is disabled during shooting.
  • Sound and still images cannot be saved.