The network menu

Configure settings when establishing a wireless connection between the camera and a smart device, or the camera and ML-L7 Remote Control (available separately).

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Connecting to a smart device
Connecting to the remote control
Network menu list
Inputting characters

Connecting to a smart device

When you connect to a smart device, you can upload images captured with the camera to the smart device or operate the camera remotely with the smart device.
Install the SnapBridge app on the smart device.
Select the network menu [Choose connection] [Smart device] (default setting) in advance.

Connecting to the remote control

Select the network menu [Choose connection] [Remote control] in advance. The camera and remote control are connected through Bluetooth. When connecting to the remote control for the first time, pair the camera and remote control.
ML-L7 Remote Control

Network menu list

Some options cannot be set while a wireless connection is established. To set them, disconnect the wireless connection.

Airplane modeSelect [On] to turn off all wireless connections.
Choose connectionSelect whether to connect the camera to [Smart device] (default setting) or [Remote control].
Connect to smart devicePair when connecting to a smart device through Bluetooth for the first time.
For details, see the online help for the SnapBridge app (
Connection to remotePair when connecting to the ML-L7 Remote Control (available separately) for the first time.
Pairing the camera and remote control
Send while shootingStill imagesWhen set to [Yes], still images can be sent automatically to a smart device connected through Bluetooth every time they are captured.
  • To send automatically, the SnapBridge app must also be configured. SnapBridge app tab [Auto link] enable [Auto download].
  • Still images are uploaded at an image size of up to 2 megapixels. To upload original files (image size set in the camera), use the SnapBridge app [Download pictures].
  • If you use the playback menu [Mark for upload], you can select still images on the camera’s playback screen to automatically upload them to a smart device.
Upload (photos)Set the conditions for automatically sending still images.
Wi-FiNetwork settings[SSID]: Set a 1- to 32-character alphanumeric SSID.
Inputting characters
[Auth./encryp.]: Select whether to encrypt communications. Communications are not encrypted when [Open] is selected.
[Password]: Set an 8- to 36-character alphanumeric password.
Inputting characters
  • To protect your privacy, we recommend that you change the password regularly.
[Channel]: Select the channel used for the Wi-Fi connection. If the communication quality is poor or the image upload speed is extremely slow when using a Wi-Fi connection, try changing the channel.
[Subnet mask]: Use the default setting ([]) under normal conditions.
[DHCP server IP address]: Use the default setting ([]) under normal conditions.
Current settingsConfirm the current [Network settings] in a list.
BluetoothConnectionSelect [Enable] or [Disable] for Bluetooth communication.
Paired devicesDisplay smart devices that have been paired.
You can change the smart device to connect with, or delete paired smart devices.
  • This camera can be paired with up to five smart devices (only one device can be connected at a time).
Send while offSelect [On] or [Off] to set whether the camera communicates with the smart device when the camera is off or in standby mode.
Restore default settingsRestore all network menu settings to their default values.

Bluetooth communication indicator and Wi-Fi communication indicator on the shooting screen

  • About the Bluetooth communication indicator
    • When the camera is connected to a smart device via Bluetooth, is displayed.
    • When the camera is waiting for the connection to a smart device to be reestablished, flashes. It also flashes when Bluetooth communication is disconnected while uploading images.
  • About the Wi-Fi communication indicator
    • When the camera is preparing to connect to a smart device via Wi-Fi, flashes.
    • When the camera is connected to a smart device via Wi-Fi, is displayed.

Inputting characters