Time zone and date

Set the camera clock.

  1. button
  2. (setup)
  3. button
  4. Time zone and date
  5. button
Date and timeSet the date and time.
  • Select a field: Press the multi selector .
  • Edit the date and time: Press . Date and time can also be changed by rotating the multi selector or command dial.
  • Apply the setting: Select the minute field setting and press the  button or .
Date formatSelect [Year/Month/Day], [Month/Day/Year], or [Day/Month/Year].
Time zoneSet time zone and daylight saving time.
  • When [Travel destination] () is set after having set the home time zone (), the time difference between the travel destination and the home time zone is automatically calculated, and the date and time are saved for the selected region.

Notes about [Date and time]

If the time and location information are set to sync with the auto link feature in the SnapBridge app, the date and time cannot be set in the camera.
To manually set this option, disable the sync setting in the SnapBridge app.

Setting the time zone

  1. Use the multi selector to select [Time zone] and press the  button.
  2. Select [Home time zone] or [Travel destination] and press the button.
    • The date and time displayed on the screen changes depending on whether the home time zone or travel destination is selected.
  3. Press .
  4. Use to select the time zone.
    • Press to enable daylight saving time function, and is displayed. Press to disable the daylight saving time function.
    • Press the button to apply the time zone.
    • If the correct time is not displayed for the home or travel destination time zone setting, set the appropriate time in [Date and time].