Date stamp

The shooting date and time can be stamped on images when shooting.

  1. button
  2. (setup)
  3. button
  4. Date stamp
  5. button
DateDate is stamped on images.
Date and timeDate and time are stamped on images.
(default setting)
Date and time are not stamped on images.

Notes about [Date stamp]

  • Stamped date and time form a permanent part of image data and cannot be deleted. The date and time cannot be stamped on images after they have been captured.
  • The date and time cannot be stamped in the following situations:
    • When in [Bird-watching] mode (when set to [Continuous])
    • When the scene mode is set to [Sports], [Night landscape] (when set to [Hand-held]), [Backlighting] (when [HDR] is set to [On]), [Easy panorama], [Pet portrait] (when set to [Continuous]), [Multiple exp. Lighten], or [Time-lapse movie]
    • When [Image quality] is set to [RAW], [RAW + Fine], or [RAW + Normal]
    • When [Pre-shooting cache], [Continuous H: 120 fps], or [Continuous H: 60 fps] is selected for [Continuous]
    • When recording movies
    • When saving still images during movie recording
    • When extracting still images from a movie during movie playback
  • The stamped date and time may be difficult to read when using a small image size.