Set the HDMI output of the camera.
You can output the live view image to HDMI-compatible devices without the information display, or set the output resolution.

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Clean HDMI outputOnOutput the live view image without the information display to an HDMI-compatible device. Use this option when you want to record images from the camera to a commercially available external recorder.
  • Rotate the mode dial to Movie manual. In addition, set the focus-mode selector to .
  • Turn on the camera by using the power switch after connecting the camera to an HDMI-compatible device.
  • The sound that is picked up by the microphone is output to the HDMI-compatible device.
  • When an information display appears on an external recorder monitor, press the button of the camera several times to turn off the information display.
  • 4K UHD image quality cannot be output.
  • Peaking display, as well as the movie menu [Movie options] and [Frame rate], are not available while the camera is connected to an HDMI-compatible device. Still images cannot be captured with the camera.
  • While the camera is connected to an HDMI-compatible device, you can press the ( movie-record) button on the camera to record a movie and save it on the memory card in the camera. The power-on lamp flashes while the camera is recording movies.
(default setting)
Use this option to view captured images. You can also capture still images or record movies with the camera while viewing the subject on a TV monitor.
HDMI outputSelect the image resolution when [Clean HDMI output] is set to [On].
  • The image resolution setting is fixed at [Auto] when [Clean HDMI output] is set to [Off].

Notes about connection via HDMI

Wireless communication is not available when the camera and an HDMI-compatible device are connected. You also cannot use the ML-L7 Remote Control (available separately).

Notes about HDMI output resolution

When [Clean HDMI output] is set to [Off], or when it is set to [On] while [Auto] (default setting) is selected for [HDMI output], the camera detects the resolution of the output device and automatically sets the HDMI output resolution.