Copyright information

Allows you to attach the copyright information that was previously registered to images that will be captured.

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  4. Copyright information
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Attach copyright infoCopyright information registered with [Artist] and [Copyright] is attached to images.
  • Select [Attach copyright info], press , and set the check box to on (). When the button is pressed, the copyright information will be attached to the images captured afterwards.
ArtistYou can register an artist name of up to 36 alphanumeric characters.
CopyrightYou can register a copyright owner name of up to 54 alphanumeric characters.

Notes about [Copyright information]

  • To prevent illegal use of artist names and copyright owner names when lending or transferring ownership of the camera, make sure to disable the [Attach copyright info] setting. Also, make sure that the artist name and copyright owner name are blank.
  • Nikon is not responsible for any kind of trouble or damage resulting from the use of [Copyright information].
  • Copyright information cannot be attached to movies.

Copyright information display

When copyright information is entered for both [Artist] and [Copyright], only the Copyright entry is imprinted to the images in the SnapBridge app.