Picture Control

You can use Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) to change the settings for image recording according to the shooting conditions or your preferences. Sharpness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted in detail.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to , , , , or *
  2. button
  3. Picture Control
  4. button
  1. The setting can also be configured in (Movie manual) mode.
(default setting)
Standard processing for balanced results. Recommended for most situations.
NeutralMinimal processing for natural results. Select for images that will later be processed or retouched.
VividImages are enhanced for a vivid, photoprint effect. Select for images that emphasize primary colors, such as blue, red, and green.
MonochromeShoots monochrome photographs such as in black-and-white or sepia.
Custom 1*Changes to the setting of [Custom 1] in COOLPIX Custom Picture Control.
Custom 2*Changes to the setting of [Custom 2] in COOLPIX Custom Picture Control.
  1. Only displayed when the setting customized in [Custom Picture Control] has been registered.

Notes about COOLPIX Picture Control

  • The COOLPIX Picture Control function of this camera cannot be used with other makes of cameras, Picture Control function of software such as NX Studio, Picture Control Utility 2, etc.
  • This function may not be available to use in combination with other functions.
    Functions that cannot be used simultaneously when shooting

Customizing existing COOLPIX Picture Controls: quick adjust and manual adjust

COOLPIX Picture Control can be customized using “Quick adjust”, which allows for balanced adjustment of sharpness, contrast, saturation and other image editing components, or using “Manual adjust”, which allows for detailed adjustment of the components individually.

  1. Use the multi selector to select the desired type of COOLPIX Picture Control and press the button.
    • Items can also be selected by rotating the multi selector.
  2. Use to highlight the desired option and use to select a value.
    • For adjustment options, see “Types of quick adjust and manual adjust”.
    • Press the button to set the value.
    • To change the adjusted values to the default setting, select [Reset] and press the  button.

Types of quick adjust and manual adjust

Quick adjust1Adjusts the sharpness, contrast and saturation levels automatically.
Setting to the – side reduces the effect of the selected COOLPIX Picture Control, and setting to the + side emphasizes its effect.
  • Default setting: [0]
Image sharpeningControls how much outlines are sharpened during shooting. The higher the number, the sharper the image, and the lower the number, the softer the image.
Select [A] (auto) for automatic adjustment.
  • Default setting: [3] for [Standard] or [Monochrome], [2] for [Neutral], and [4] for [Vivid]
ContrastControls the contrast.
Setting to the – side gives the image a softer appearance, and setting to the + side gives it a harder appearance. Select lower values to prevent highlights in portrait subjects from being “washed out” in direct sunlight, higher values to preserve detail in misty landscapes and other low contrast subjects.
Select [A] (auto) for automatic adjustment.
  • Default setting: [0]
Saturation2Controls the vividness of colors.
Setting to the – side reduces the vividness, and setting to the + side increases the vividness.
Select [A] (auto) for automatic adjustment.
  • Default setting: [0]
Filter effects3Simulates the effect of color filters on monochrome photographs.
  • [OFF]: Filter effects are not used.
  • [Y] (yellow), [O] (orange), [R] (red):
    Enhance contrast. Can be used to tone down the brightness of the sky in landscape photographs. The contrast is strengthened in the order [Y] → [O] → [R].
  • [G] (green):
    Softens skin tones and the color of features such as lips. Suitable for portraits.
  • Default setting: [OFF]
Toning3Controls the tint used in monochrome photographs from [B&W] (black-and-white), [Sepia], and [Cyanotype] (blue-tinted monochrome).
Pressing the multi selector when [Sepia] or [Cyanotype] is selected enables you to select a saturation level. Press to adjust the saturation.
  • Default setting: [B&W] (black-and-white)
  1. Quick adjust is not available in [Neutral], [Monochrome], [Custom 1], and [Custom 2].
    The values set manually are disabled if quick adjust is used after manual setting.
  2. Not displayed for [Monochrome].
  3. Only displayed for [Monochrome].

Notes about [Image sharpening]

The effects of [Image sharpening] cannot be previewed on the screen during shooting. Check the results in playback mode.

Notes about [A] (auto) in [Contrast] and in [Saturation]

Results for contrast and saturation vary with the exposure, and the position and size of the subject in the frame.