Custom Picture Control

In Custom Picture Control (COOLPIX Custom Picture Control), customize the settings of [Picture Control] and register them in [Custom 1] or [Custom 2].
Customizing existing COOLPIX Picture Controls: quick adjust and manual adjust

  1. Rotate the mode dial to , , , , or *
  2. button
  3. Custom Picture Control
  4. button
  1. The setting can also be configured in (Movie manual) mode.
  1. Use the multi selector to select [Edit and save], and press the button.
    • Select [Delete] to delete a registered COOLPIX Custom Picture Control.
  2. Select the original COOLPIX Picture Control to be edited, and press the button.
  3. Use to highlight the desired option and use to select a value.
    • The options are the same as those for adjusting the COOLPIX Picture Control.
    • Press the button when you finish adjustment.
    • To change the adjusted values to the default setting, select [Reset] and press the  button.
  4. Select the registration destination and press the button.
    • [Custom 1] or [Custom 2] becomes selectable in [Picture Control].
    • To change the adjusted values, select [Custom 1] or [Custom 2] in [Picture Control].