White balance

Adjust white balance to suit the light source or weather conditions in order to make the colors in images match what you see with your eyes.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to , , , , or *
  2. button
  3. White balance
  4. button
  1. The setting can also be configured in (Movie manual) mode.
1 Auto (normal)
(default setting)
White balance is automatically adjusted.
When set to [Auto (warm lighting)], the images are preserved with warm colors if they are shot under an incandescent light source. When using the flash, white balance is adjusted according to the flash lighting condition.
2 Auto (warm lighting)
Preset manualUse when the desired result is not achieved with [Auto (normal)], [Auto (warm lighting)], [Incandescent], etc.
Using Preset manual
Daylight*Use under direct sunlight.
Incandescent*Use under incandescent lighting.
FluorescentUse under most types of fluorescent lighting. Choose one of [1] (cool-white fluorescent), [2] (day white fluorescent), and [3] (daylight fluorescent).
Cloudy*Use under overcast skies.
Flash*Use with the flash.
Choose color temp.Use to directly specify color temperature.
Color temperature
  1. Fine adjustments in seven steps are available. Apply positive (+) to increase blue hue and negative (–) to increase red hue.

Notes about [White balance]

White balance indicator on the shooting screen

, which indicates [Auto (normal)], is displayed only immediately after setting using the button.

Color temperature

Color temperature is an objective measure of colors of light sources which are expressed in the unit of absolute temperature (K: Kelvin). Light sources with lower color temperature values appear more reddish, while light sources with higher color temperature values appear more bluish.

1: Sodium-vapor lamps: 2700K

2: Incandescent/Warm-white fluorescent: 3000K

3: White fluorescent: 3700K

4: Cool-white fluorescent: 4200K

5: Day white fluorescent: 5000K

6: Direct sunlight: 5200K

7: Flash: 5400K

8: Cloudy: 6000K

9: Daylight fluorescent: 6500K

10: High temp. mercury-vapor: 7200K

11: Shade: 8000K

Using Preset manual

Follow the procedures described below to measure the white balance value under the lighting used during shooting.

  1. Place a white or gray reference object under the lighting that will be used during shooting.
  2. Use the multi selector to select [Preset manual], and press the button.
    • The lens extends to the zoom position for measurement.
  3. Select [Measure].
    • To apply the last measured value, select [Cancel] and press the button.
  4. Frame the white or gray reference object in the measuring window (1), and press the button to measure the value.
    • The shutter is released and measurement is complete (no image is saved).
    • If an error message is displayed, perform the procedure again from step 3.

Notes about [Preset manual]

A white balance value for flash lighting cannot be measured with [Preset manual]. When shooting using the flash, set [White balance] to [Auto (normal)], [Auto (warm lighting)], or [Flash].