The process of measuring the brightness of the subject to determine the exposure is known as “metering.”
Use this option to set the method of how the camera meters exposure.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to , , , , or
  2. button
  3. Metering
  4. button
(default setting)
The camera uses a wide area of the screen for metering.
Recommended for typical shooting.
Center-weightedThe camera meters the entire frame but assigns greatest weight to the subject in the center of the frame. The classic metering for portraits; it preserves background details while letting lighting conditions in the center of the frame determine exposure.*
SpotThe camera meters the area shown by the circle in the center of the frame. This can be used when the subject is much lighter or darker than the background. Ensure that the subject is within the area shown by the circle when shooting.*
  1. To set focus and exposure for off-center subjects, change [AF area mode] to manual and set the focus area to the center of the frame, and then use focus lock.
    Focus lock

Notes about [Metering]

Display on the shooting screen

When [Center-weighted] or [Spot] is selected, the metering range guide is displayed (except when digital zoom is used).