Multiple exposure

The camera combines two to three images and saves them as a single image.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to , , , , or
  2. button
  3. Multiple exposure
  4. button
Multiple exposure modeShoots images in multiple exposure mode when set to [On].
  • Individual images are also saved.
  • Default setting: [Off]
Auto gainSet whether or not to automatically adjust the brightness of the image when combining images.
  • Default setting: [On]

Notes about [Multiple exposure]

  • It may take some time to combine images.
  • Multiple exposure is terminated if the [Auto off] function triggers the standby mode during shooting. When shooting with a long interval between shots, setting a longer time for the auto off function is recommended.
  • This function may not be available to use in combination with other functions.
    Functions that cannot be used simultaneously when shooting
  • When shooting at a slow shutter speed in multiple exposure mode, noise (bright spots) may appear in saved images.

Multiple exposure shooting

  1. In [Multiple exposure mode], select [On], and press the button.
    • After setting, press the (menu) button to return to the shooting screen.
  2. Press the shutter-release button to shoot the first image.
  3. Press the shutter-release button to shoot the second image.
    • Frame the picture while looking at the first image displayed translucently.
    • When shooting the second image, the combined image of the first and second images is saved, and displayed translucently.
    • To end multiple exposure at the second image, set [Multiple exposure mode] to [Off] or change the mode dial to any mode other than , , , , or .
  4. Press the shutter-release button to shoot the third image.
    • The combined image of the first to third images is saved and multiple exposure ends.
    • It may take some time until the third image is shot.