Electronic VR

Select the vibration reduction setting used when recording movies.

  1. Shooting mode
  2. button
  3. (movie menu)
  4. button
  5. Electronic VR*
  6. button
  1. You can also select by pressing the button in (Movie manual) mode.
(default setting)
Performs electronic VR.
  • The angle of view (i.e., the area seen in the frame) becomes narrower.
  • When the setup menu [Vibration reduction] is set to [Normal], [Active], [Normal (framing first)], or [Active (framing first)], optical vibration reduction is performed simultaneously.
OffDoes not perform electronic VR.

Notes about [Electronic VR]

When [2160/30p], [2160/25p], or an HS movie option is selected in [Movie options], the setting is fixed at [Off].