Mark for upload

Select individual still images on the camera’s playback screen to upload to a paired smart device.
Use this function when the network menu [Send while shooting] [Still images] is set to [No], or when uploading images that are not selected using [Upload (photos)].
To upload images, the SnapBridge app must be configured. SnapBridge app tab [Auto link] enable [Auto download].
For use of the SnapBridge app, see the online help of the SnapBridge app (

  1. Playback mode
  2. button
  3. Mark for upload
  4. button
  1. Use the multi selector or rotate it to select the image you want to upload to a smart device.
    • Move the zoom control toward () to switch to full-frame playback, or () to switch to thumbnail playback.
  2. Use to select ON or OFF.
    • When ON is selected, is displayed under the selected image. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to select additional images.
  3. Press the button to apply the image selection.
    • The selected still images are uploaded to the smart device.

Notes about [Mark for upload]

  • Still images are uploaded at an image size of up to 2 megapixels.
  • RAW images and movies cannot be selected for upload.
  • To upload original files (image size set in the camera) of still images or to upload movies, use [Download pictures] in the SnapBridge app.
  • Note that when you select the setup menu [Reset all] or the network menu [Restore default settings], the Mark for upload settings that you made are canceled and the camera settings are also reset to default.
  • To cancel the Mark for upload settings, go to step 2 and hide .

[Send while shooting]

When you use the network menu [Send while shooting], still images can be sent automatically to a smart device every time they are captured with the camera.