Slide show

Allows you to view images in an automated slide show. When movie files are played back in the slide show, only the first frame of each movie is displayed.

  1. Playback mode
  2. button
  3. Slide show
  4. button
  1. Use the multi selector to select [Start] and press the  button.
    • The slide show begins.
    • To change the interval between images, select [Frame intvl], press the button, and specify the desired interval time before selecting [Start].
    • To repeat the slide show automatically, select [Loop] and press the button before selecting [Start].
    • The maximum playback time is up to about 30 minutes even if [Loop] is enabled.
  2. End or restart the slide show.
    • The following screen is displayed after the slide show ends or is paused.
      To exit the show, select and then press the button.
      To resume the slide show, select and then press the button.

Operations during slide show playback

Display the previous/next imagePress the multi selector .
Press and hold them down to change images quickly.
Pause or end the slide showPress the button.