Reset file numbering

Reset file numbering.

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  2. (setup)
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  4. Reset file numbering
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Notes about [Reset file numbering]

[Reset file numbering] cannot be applied when the folder number reaches 999 and there are images in the folder. Change the memory card, or use [Format card] to format the memory card.

Folders for storing files

Still images and movies shot or recorded with this camera are saved in folders of the memory card.

  • Sequential numbers are added to folder names in ascending order, starting with “100” and ending with “999” (the folder names are not displayed on the camera).
  • A new folder is created in the following situations:
    • When the number of files in a folder reaches 999
    • When a file in a folder is numbered “9999
    • When [Reset file numbering] is performed
  • A new folder is created each time a series of images are captured using interval timer shooting, and the images are saved in that folder with file numbers starting with “0001.”