Skin softening

Softens skin tones.

  1. Playback mode
  2. select an image
  3. button
  4. Skin softening
  5. button
  1. Use the multi selector to select the desired effect level and press the  button.
    • To exit without saving the copy, press .
  2. Preview the result and press the button.
    • The edited face is zoomed in.
    • When more than one face has been edited, press to switch the face that is displayed.
    • To change the effect level, press the button and return to step 1.

Notes about [Skin softening]

  • The skin tones can be enhanced for up to 12 faces, starting with the one closest to the center of the frame and moving outward.
  • Depending on the direction in which faces are looking, or the brightness of faces, the camera may be unable to accurately detect faces, or the skin softening function may not perform as expected.
  • If no faces are detected, a warning is displayed and the screen returns to the playback menu.