Filter effects

Use digital filters to apply various effects.

  1. Playback mode
  2. select an image
  3. button
  4. Filter effects
  5. button
Soft portraitBlurs the background of human subjects. When no human subjects are detected, keeps the area in the center of the frame in focus and blurs the surrounding area.
Selective colorKeeps only a selected color and makes other colors black-and-white.
Cross screenProduces star-like rays of light that radiate outward from bright objects such as sunlight reflections and city lights. Suitable for night scenes.
FisheyeCreates images that look like they were shot with a fisheye lens. Suitable for images shot in macro mode.
Miniature effectCreates images that look like close-up photos of a diorama. Suitable for images shot while looking down from a high location, with the main subject near the center of the frame.
PaintingCreates images with the ambience of paintings.
VignetteLowers the peripheral light intensity from the center to the edges of an image.
Photo illustrationEmphasizes outlines and reduces the number of colors to create images with the ambience of illustrations.
Portrait (color + B&W)Makes colors of the background of human subjects black-and-white. When no human subjects are detected, keeps colors of the area in the center of the frame and makes the surrounding area black-and-white.
  1. Use the multi selector to select the desired filter effect and press the  button.
    • If you selected an effect other than [Selective color], proceed to step 3.
  2. Use to select the color to keep and press the button.
  3. Preview the result and press the button.
    • An edited copy is created.
    • To exit without saving the copy, press .