Viewing images on a TV

You can connect the camera to a TV with a commercially available HDMI cable to view images and movies captured with the camera on the TV.

Notes about connecting the camera to a TV

  • Make sure that the camera battery is sufficiently charged. If the EH-5d AC Adapter and the EP-5C Power Connector (both available separately) are used, this camera can be powered from an electrical outlet. Do not, under any circumstances, use an AC adapter other than the EH-5d. Failure to observe this precaution could result in overheating or damage to the camera.
  • For information about the connection methods and subsequent operations, refer to the documentation included with the TV in addition to this document.
  1. Turn off the camera.
  2. Use a commercially available HDMI cable to connect the camera’s HDMI micro connector (Type D) and the TV’s HDMI input port.
    • Check the shape and direction of the plugs and do not insert or remove the plugs at an angle.
  3. Set the TV’s input to external input.
    • See the documentation provided with your TV for details.
  4. Press and hold down the (playback) button to turn on the camera.
    • Images are displayed on the TV.
    • The camera screen does not turn on.
    • When you turn on the camera using the power switch, the shooting screen is displayed on the TV. To show the captured images and movies on the TV, press the button to enter playback mode.

Notes about connecting the HDMI cable

When using a USB cable, the camera cannot perform HDMI output to the TV.

Playing back 4K movies

To play back movies that are recorded with [2160/30p] (4K UHD) or [2160/25p] (4K UHD) in 4K UHD image quality, use a television and HDMI cable that are compatible with 4K. Also, select the setup menu [HDMI] [Clean HDMI output] [Off].

  • When playing back 4K movies on certain TVs, the first few seconds may not be displayed because it takes some time for the TV to adjust the display to match the output from the camera.