EH-5d AC Adapter and EP-5C Power Connector

When the power connector is inserted into the camera and the AC adapter is connected, the camera can be powered from an electrical outlet. The AC adapter and the power connector are available separately.

Attaching the EH-5d AC Adapter and EP-5C Power Connector

  1. Open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover, and remove the battery.
  2. Open the power connector cover (1), and insert the power connector with the positive and negative terminals oriented correctly (3).
    • Fully insert the power connector cable into the slot in the battery chamber (4), and close the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover. If part of the cable protrudes from the slots, the cover or cable may be damaged when the cover is closed.
  3. Insert the DC plug of the AC Adapter into the DC plug connector of the Power Connector.