ML-L7 Remote Control

You can pair (Pairing the camera and remote control) the separately available ML-L7 Remote Control with the camera, and use it to operate the camera. The operations described in “Parts and functions of the remote control (for COOLPIX P950)” can be performed when shooting with this camera.

Notes about connection via HDMI

The remote control cannot be used when the camera and an HDMI-compatible device are connected. Disconnect the connection with the HDMI-compatible device.

Parts and functions of the remote control (for COOLPIX P950)

1– button/+ buttonZooms out when the – button is pressed and zooms in when the + button is pressed, while the shooting screen is displayed.
2Movie recording buttonStarts recording a movie when the button is pressed, and stops recording when pressed again.
3Power buttonPress the button to turn on the remote control and search for a camera that has already been paired. Press and hold the button (for at least 3 seconds) to search for a new pairing camera. To turn off the remote control, press the button again.
4Status lampIndicates the remote control status or shooting session status, based on the color and behavior of the lamp.
Status lamp on the remote control (for COOLPIX P950)
5Shutter-release buttonFunctions similarly to the shutter-release button on the camera.
  • Half-press and press-and-hold operations are not available.
  • When using the self-timer, you can press the button during the countdown to cancel shooting.

6Multi selector
7 (apply selection) buttonApplies the selected item.
When adjusting manual focus, press this button to stop focusing.
81 (Function 1) /2 (Function 2) buttons
  • If you press the 1 or 2 button in , , , , or mode, you can quickly configure the pre-saved menu options.
Using the (function) button

Status lamp on the remote control (for COOLPIX P950)

GreenFlashing about every secondRemote control is searching for a camera that has already been paired.
GreenFlashing quickly (about every 0.5 seconds)Pairing process is being performed.
GreenFlashing about every 3 secondsConnection is established between remote control and camera.
OrangeFlashes onceStill image shooting starts.
OrangeFlashes twiceEnd still image shooting (e.g. shooting with the Time setting).
RedFlashes onceMovie recording starts.
RedFlashes twiceMovie recording ends.

Pairing the camera and remote control

Before using the remote control for the first time, it must be paired with the camera.

  1. Press the button on the camera.
  2. Press the multi selector , use to select (network menu), and press the button.
  3. Select [Choose connection], and press the button.
  4. Select [Remote control], and press the button.
  5. Select [Connection to remote], and press the button.
    • Pairing is enabled and the camera waits for the connection to be established.
    • If you cannot select [Connection to remote], set the following in the network menu.
      • [Airplane mode]: [Off]
      • [Bluetooth] [Connection] [Enable]
  6. Press and hold (for at least 3 seconds) the power button on the remote control.
    • Pairing starts for the camera and remote control. During the process, the status lamp on the remote control flashes about every 0.5 seconds.
    • When pairing is complete, a connection is established between the camera and the remote control. When you enter shooting mode, is displayed on the shooting screen.
    • If a pairing failure message is displayed, perform the procedure again from step 5.

Switching the connection to a smart device