Caring for the product

Observe the precautions described below in addition to the warnings in “For your safety” when using or storing the device.

The camera
The battery
The Charging AC Adapter
Memory cards

The camera

Do not apply strong impact to the camera

The product may malfunction if subjected to strong shock or vibration. In addition, do not touch or apply force to the lens.

Keep dry

The device will be damaged if immersed in water or subjected to high humidity.

Do not disassemble

Do not, under any circumstances, disassemble the camera because it is composed of many precise circuits.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

Sudden changes in temperature, such as when entering or leaving a heated building on a cold day, can cause condensation to form inside the device. To prevent condensation, place the device in a carrying case or a plastic bag before exposing it to sudden changes in temperature.

Keep away from strong magnetic fields

Do not use or store this device in the vicinity of equipment that generates strong electromagnetic radiation or magnetic fields. Doing so could result in loss of data or camera malfunction.

Do not point the lens at the sun

Avoid pointing the lens at the sun or other strong light sources when shooting or when leaving the camera unattended without a lens cap. Strong light sources such as sunlight are concentrated through the lens, which may cause deformation of the internal parts of the lens or discoloration or burn-in on the image sensor. The camera may be damaged even when the lens is pointed toward the sun for a few seconds, particularly when the lens is in a telephoto position.
The camera may not be able to perform exposure control when the internal parts of the lens are deformed.
Unevenness may appear in images when discoloration or burn-in occurs on the image sensor.
It is recommended that you attach the lens cap when you are not using the camera.

Lasers and other bright light sources

Do not direct lasers or other extremely bright light sources toward the lens, as this could damage the camera’s image sensor.

Turn the product off before removing or disconnecting the power source or memory card

Do not remove the battery while the product is on, or while images are being saved or deleted. Forcibly cutting power in these circumstances could result in loss of data or in damage to the memory card or internal circuitry.

Notes about the monitor

The battery

Precautions for use

Charging the battery

Check the battery level before using the camera and replace or charge the battery if necessary.

Carrying spare batteries

Whenever possible, carry fully charged spare batteries when taking pictures on important occasions.

Using the battery when cold

On cold days, the capacity of batteries tends to decrease. If an exhausted battery is used at a low temperature, the camera may not turn on. Keep spare batteries in a warm place and exchange as necessary. Once warmed, a cold battery may recover some of its charge.

Battery terminals

Dirt on the battery terminals may prevent the camera from functioning. Should the battery terminals become dirty, wipe them off with a clean, dry cloth before use.

Charging an exhausted battery

Turning the camera on or off while an exhausted battery is inserted in the camera may result in reduced battery life. Charge the exhausted battery before use.

Storing the battery

Battery life

A marked drop in the time a fully charged battery retains its charge, when used at room temperature, indicates that the battery needs to be replaced. Purchase a new battery.

Recycling used batteries

Recycle rechargeable batteries in accord with local regulations, being sure to first insulate the terminals with tape.

The Charging AC Adapter

Memory cards

Precautions for use