File names

Files saved with this camera are assigned file names as follows.

1 IdentifierNot shown on the screen of the camera.
  • DSCN: Original still images, movies, still images created by the movie editing function
  • RSCN: Cropped copies
  • SSCN: Small picture copies
  • FSCN: Images created by an image editing function other than crop and small picture, movies created by the movie editing function
2 File numberAssigned in ascending order, starting with “0001” and ending with “9999.”
  • A new folder is created each time a series of images are captured using interval timer shooting, and the images are saved in that folder with file numbers starting with “0001.”
3 ExtensionIndicates file format.
  • .JPG: JPEG still images
  • .NRW: RAW still images
  • .MP4: Movies


When images are captured with the [Image quality] setting set to [RAW + Fine] or [RAW + Normal], the RAW and JPEG images that are saved at the same time are assigned the same identifier and file number. The pair of images is saved in the same folder, and is counted as one file.