A [Motion blend] option has been added under [Retouch] in the playback i menu (Creating Retouched Copies). The camera examines a selected burst of pictures to detect moving subjects and overlays them to create a single JPEG image.

  1. Select [Retouch] in the i menu, then highlight [Motion blend] and press 2.
  2. Select the source slot.

    • Highlight the slot with the card containing the desired pictures and press 2.

    • You will not be prompted to select the slot if only one memory card is inserted.

  3. Select the pictures.
    • Highlight pictures using the multi selector.

    • To view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the X button.

    • To select the highlighted picture, press the W (Q) button. Selected pictures are marked with a check (). To remove the check () and deselect the current picture, press the W (Q) button again.

    • Press J once you have selected from 5 to 20 pictures.

  4. Check the results.

    Check the results of the overlay in the preview display.

    • To return to Step 3 and choose different pictures, tap Z or press 4.

    • To proceed with the current selection, press J; a confirmation dialog will be displayed.

  5. Save the overlay.

    Highlight [Yes] in the confirmation dialog and press J to save the overlay.

Cautions: [Motion Blend]
  • The final picture may differ from the preview both in how it looks (including color and brightness) and in how the pictures are combined.

  • Only pictures created with this camera can be selected. Pictures created with other models cannot be selected.

  • [Motion blend] is intended for bursts shot with the camera on a tripod, with a fixed background and moving subjects. The desired results may consequently not be achieved with bursts shot without a tripod.

  • The overlay will include only pictures created with the same options selected for [Image area] > [Choose image area] in the photo shooting menu.

  • The image quality setting for the completed overlay is that of the highest quality picture it contains.

  • Overlays that include NEF (RAW) pictures will be saved at an image quality of [JPEG finem].

  • All JPEG pictures in the overlay must be the same size.