You can now save the frames in a selected length of footage as a series of individual JPEG images.

  1. Pause the video on the desired frame.
    • Press 3 to pause playback.

    • Your approximate position in the video can be ascertained from the video progress bar.

    • Press 4 or 2 or rotate the command dials to locate the desired frame.

  2. Press the i button, then highlight [Save consecutive frames] and press 2.
  3. Choose a destination.
    • Choose the destination.

    • Press 1 or 3 to highlight a card slot and press J.

    • You will not be prompted to select the slot if only one memory card is inserted.

  4. Choose the length of footage.

    Choose the length of footage that will be saved as stills.

  5. Press J.

    The selected footage will be saved as a series of JPEG stills. The number varies with the video frame rate.