[Recall shooting functions (hold)] has been added to the roles that can be assigned using Custom Setting f2 [Custom controls (shooting)] (f2: Custom Controls (Shooting)). Previously-stored settings for still photography (including shooting mode and metering) can be recalled by pressing the chosen control once. Pressing the control a second time restores the settings in effect before stored settings were recalled.

  • To choose the settings recalled, press 2 when [Recall shooting functions (hold)] is highlighted. The settings that can be stored are the same as for [Recall shooting functions]. [Recall shooting functions (hold)] cannot, however, be used to save or recall settings for [AF-ON].

  • The shooting mode indicators in the shooting display and control panel will flash while stored settings are in effect.

  • Shutter speed and aperture can be changed by rotating the command dials while stored settings are in effect.

    • In mode P, you can adjust flexible program settings.

    • If an option other than [Off] is selected for Custom Setting b3 [Easy exposure compensation], exposure compensation can be adjusted by rotating a command dial.