ISO sensitivity settings

  1. G button
  2. C photo shooting menu

Adjust ISO sensitivity settings for photographs.

[ISO sensitivity]Choose from values of from ISO 100 to 51200. Extended settings of about 1 EV or 2 EV above ISO 51200 are also available. In b mode, the setting is fixed at ISO-A (AUTO), and the camera sets the ISO sensitivity automatically.
[Auto ISO sensitivity control]

Highlight [On] and press J to enable auto ISO sensitivity control. If [Off] is selected, [ISO sensitivity] will remain fixed at the value selected by the user.

[Maximum sensitivity]

Choose the upper limit for auto ISO sensitivity control to prevent it being raised too high.

[Maximum sensitivity with c]

Choose the upper ISO sensitivity limit for photos taken using an optional flash unit.

[Minimum shutter speed]

Choose the shutter speed (1/4000 to 30 s) below which auto ISO sensitivity control will kick in to prevent underexposure in modes P and A. If [Auto] is selected, the camera will choose the minimum shutter speed based on lens focal length. For example, the camera will automatically choose faster minimum shutter speeds to prevent blur caused by camera shake when a long lens is attached.

  • To view auto shutter-speed selection options, highlight [Auto] and press 2. Auto shutter-speed selection can be fine-tuned by choosing faster or slower minimums. Faster settings can be used to reduce blur when photographing fast-moving subjects.
  • Shutter speeds may drop below the selected minimum if optimal exposure cannot be achieved at the ISO sensitivity chosen for [Maximum sensitivity].