To enable the electronic shutter and eliminate the noise and vibration caused by operation of the mechanical shutter, select On for Silent photography in the photo shooting menu. Regardless of the setting chosen for Beep options in the setup menu, no beep will sound when the camera focuses or while the self-timer is counting down. Note that the electronic shutter will be used regardless of the option selected for Custom Setting d5 (Shutter type).

An icon is displayed while silent photography is in effect. In release modes other than Continuous H (extended), the display will briefly go dark when the shutter is released to signal that a photo has been taken.

Enabling silent photography changes the frame advance rates for continuous release modes (0 Frame Advance Rate) and disables some features, including the flash, long exposure noise reduction, and flicker reduction.

Silent Photography

Selecting On for Silent photography mutes the shutter, but this does not absolve photographers of the need to respect their subjects’ privacy and image rights. Although the noise of the mechanical shutter is muted, other sounds may still be audible, for example during autofocus or aperture adjustment or if the G or K button is pressed when an option other than Off is selected for Vibration reduction. During silent photography, flicker, banding, or distortion may be visible in the display and in the final picture under fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps or if the camera or subject moves during shooting. Jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, and bright spots may also appear. Bright regions or bands may appear in some areas of the frame with flashing signs and other intermittent light sources or if the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other bright, momentary light source.