This section lists the indicators and error messages that appear in the control panel and camera display.


The following indicators appear in the control panel and/or camera display:

Indicator Problem Solution
Camera display Control panel
H Low battery. Ready a fully-charged spare battery.



Battery exhausted. Recharge or replace battery.
Battery info unavailable. Battery cannot be used. Contact Nikon-authorized service representative.
Battery not supported. Replace with Nikon battery.
Battery temperature high. Remove battery and wait for it to cool.
F–– Lens is not correctly attached. Ensure that the lens is correctly attached and that retractable lenses are extended. This indicator is also displayed when a non-CPU lens is attached via a mount adapter, but in this case no action need be taken.



Bulb selected in mode S. Change shutter speed or select mode M.



Time selected in mode S.



Processing in progress. Wait until processing is complete.



Flash has fired at full power; photo may be underexposed. Check photo in display; if underexposed, adjust settings and try again.
(Exposure indicators and shutter speed or aperture display flash) Subject too bright; photo will be overexposed.
  • Decrease ISO sensitivity.
  • Use optional ND filter. In mode:

    S Increase shutter speed

    A Choose a smaller aperture (higher f-number)

Subject too dark; photo will be underexposed.
  • Increase ISO sensitivity.
  • Use optional flash. In mode:

    S Lower shutter speed

    A Choose larger aperture (lower f-number)



Memory insufficient to record further pictures at current settings, or camera has run out of file or folder numbers.
  • Reduce quality or size.
  • Delete pictures after copying important images to computer or other device.
  • Insert new memory card.



Camera malfunction. Release shutter. If error persists or appears frequently, consult Nikon-authorized service representative.

Error Messages

Error messages in the camera display are sometimes accompanied by indicators in the control panel.

Message Control panel Problem Solution
No memory card. [–E–] Camera cannot detect memory card. Turn camera off and confirm that card is correctly inserted.

Cannot access this memory card.

Insert another card.

Card, Err


Error accessing memory card.
  • Use Nikon-approved card.
  • If error persists after card has been repeatedly ejected and reinserted, card may be damaged. Contact retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative.
Unable to create new folder. Delete files or insert new memory card after copying important pictures to computer or other device.

This card is not formatted.

Format the card.



Memory card has not been formatted for use in camera. Format memory card or insert new memory card.
Unable to start live view. Please wait. The internal temperature of the camera is high. Wait for the internal circuits to cool before resuming shooting.
Folder contains no images. No viewable pictures on memory card. Insert memory card containing viewable pictures.
No viewable pictures in folder(s) selected for playback. Use Playback folder item in playback menu to select folder containing viewable pictures.
Cannot display this file. File was edited on computer or does not comply with DCF standards, or file is corrupt. File cannot be viewed on camera.
Cannot select this file. Selected picture cannot be retouched. Pictures created with other devices cannot be retouched.
This movie cannot be edited. Selected movie cannot be edited.
  • Movies created with other devices cannot be edited.
  • Movies must be at least two seconds long.
Check printer. Printer error. Check printer. To resume, select Continue (if available) *.
Check paper. Paper in printer is not of selected size. Insert paper of correct size and select Continue *.
Paper jam. Paper is jammed in printer. Clear jam and select Continue *.
Out of paper. Printer is out of paper. Insert paper of selected size and select Continue *.
Check ink supply. Ink error. Check ink. To resume, select Continue *.
Out of ink. Printer is out of ink. Replace ink and select Continue *.

See printer manual for more information.