Hold the S button and rotate the main command dial to adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light according to the amount of light available. The current setting is shown in the shooting display and control panel. Choose from settings of from ISO 64 to ISO 25600 (or in the case of the Z 6, of from ISO 100 to ISO 51200); settings of from about 0.3 to 1 EV below the lowest of these values and 0.3 to 2 EV above the highest are also available for special situations. b mode offers an additional ISO-A (auto) option.

S button

Main command dial

ISO Sensitivity

The higher the ISO sensitivity, the less light needed to make an exposure, allowing faster shutter speeds or smaller apertures, but the more likely the image is to be affected by noise (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines). Noise is particularly likely at settings between Hi 0.3 and Hi 2.

Hi 0.3–Hi 2

Hi 0.3 through Hi 2 correspond to ISO sensitivities 0.3–2 EV over the highest numerical value. Hi 0.3 is equivalent to ISO 32000 (Z 7) or 64000 (Z 6), Hi 2 to ISO 102400 (Z 7) or 204800 (Z 6).

Lo 0.3–Lo 1

Lo 0.3 through Lo 1 correspond to ISO sensitivities 0.3–1 EV below the lowest numerical value. Lo 0.3 is equivalent to ISO 50 (Z 7) or 80 (Z 6), Lo 1 to ISO 32 (Z 7) or 50 (Z 6). Use for larger apertures or slow shutter speeds when lighting is bright. Highlights may lose some detail; in most cases, ISO sensitivities at or above the lowest numerical value are recommended.

Auto ISO Sensitivity Control

In modes P, S, A, and M, auto ISO sensitivity control can be enabled or disabled by holding the S button and rotating the sub-command dial. When auto ISO sensitivity control is enabled, ISO sensitivity will automatically be adjusted if optimal exposure cannot be achieved at the value selected with the S button and main command dial. To prevent ISO sensitivity going too high, you can choose an upper limit of from ISO 100 (Z 7) or 200 (Z 6) to Hi 2 using the ISO sensitivity settings > Maximum sensitivity item in the photo shooting menu.

Sub-command dial

S button

When auto ISO sensitivity control is enabled, the shooting display will show ISO AUTO and control panel ISO-A. When sensitivity is altered from the value selected by the user, the altered value is shown in the display.


Control panel

Auto ISO Sensitivity Control

If the ISO sensitivity selected by the user is higher than that chosen for Maximum sensitivity when auto ISO sensitivity control is enabled, the value selected by the user will be used instead. When a flash is used, shutter speed will be restricted to values between the speed selected for Custom Setting e1 (Flash sync speed) and the speed selected for Custom Setting e2 (Flash shutter speed).