Choose the options displayed in the i menu for photo mode. The following options can be assigned to any position in the menu by highlighting the desired position, pressing J, and choosing the desired option.

J Choose image area
8 Image quality
o Image size
E Exposure compensation
9 ISO sensitivity settings
m White balance
h Set Picture Control
p Color space
y Active D-Lighting
q Long exposure NR
r High ISO NR
w Metering
c Flash mode
Y Flash compensation
s Focus mode
t AF-area mode
u Vibration reduction
t Auto bracketing
$ Multiple exposure
2 HDR (high dynamic range)
L Silent photography
v Release mode
w Custom control assignment
z Exposure delay mode
O Shutter type
y Apply settings to live view
z Split-screen display zoom
W Peaking highlights
3 Monitor/viewfinder brightness
Z Bluetooth connection
U Wi-Fi connection

Split-Screen Display Zoom

When assigned to the i menu, Split-screen display zoom can be used to split the display into two boxes showing separate areas of the frame side-by-side at a high zoom ratio. The positions of the magnified areas are shown in the navigation window, making it easier to check focus at two different locations when photographing a building or other wide object situated at right angles to the camera.

Navigation window

Use the X and W (Q) buttons to zoom in and out, or use the J button to select a box and press 4 or 2 to scroll the selected area left or right. Pressing 1 or 3 scrolls both areas up or down simultaneously. To focus on the subject at the center of the selected area, press the shutter-release button halfway. To exit the split-screen display, press the i button.

Area in focus

A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

a: Autofocus

b: Metering/exposure

c: Timers/AE lock

d: Shooting/display

e: Bracketing/flash

f: Controls

g: Movie