• The camera can be used with Z mount lenses. The lens generally used in this manual for illustrative purposes is a NIKKOR Z 24–70mm f/4 S.

  • Be careful to prevent dust entering the camera.

  • Confirm that the camera is off before attaching the lens.

    • Remove the camera body cap (q, w) and rear lens cap (e, r).

    • Align the mounting marks on the camera (t) and lens (y). Do not touch the image sensor or lens contacts.

    • Rotate the lens as shown until it clicks into place (u).

  • Remove the front lens cap before taking pictures.

F Mount Lenses
  • Be sure to attach the FTZ mount adapter (available separately) before using F mount lenses.

  • Attempting to attach F mount lenses directly to the camera could damage the lens or image sensor.

Detaching Lenses

  • After turning the camera off, press and hold the lens release button (q) while turning the lens in the direction shown (w).

  • After removing the lens, replace the lens caps and camera body cap.