Full-Frame Playback

Press the K button to view the most recent picture full frame in the display.

  • Press 4 to return to the previous frame, 2 to skip to the next frame.

  • Press 1, 3, or the DISP button to view more information on the current picture (Photo Information).

Thumbnail Playback

To view multiple pictures, press the W (Q) button when a picture is displayed full frame.

  • The number of pictures displayed increases from 4 to 9 to 72 each time the W (Q) button is pressed, and decreases with each press of the X button.

  • Highlight pictures using 1, 3, 4, or 2.

Calendar Playback

To view images taken on a selected date, press the W (Q) button when 72 images are displayed.

  • Use the multi selector (1, 3, 4, or 2) to highlight a date in the date list (q) and press W (Q) to place the cursor in the thumbnail list (w). Press 1 or 3 to highlight pictures in the thumbnail list. To return to the date list, press the W (Q) button a second time.

  • To zoom in on the picture highlighted in the thumbnail list, press and hold the X button.

  • To exit to thumbnail playback, press X when the cursor is in the date list.

Touch Controls

Touch controls can be used when pictures are displayed in the monitor (Playback).

Rotate Tall

To display “tall” (portrait-orientation) photographs in tall orientation, select [On] for [Rotate tall] in the playback menu.

Image Review

When [On] is selected for [Image review] in the playback menu, photographs are automatically displayed after shooting; there is no need for you to press the K button.

  • If [On (monitor only)] is selected, photos will not be displayed in the viewfinder.

  • In continuous release modes, display begins when shooting ends, with the first photograph in the current series displayed.

  • Images are not rotated automatically during image review even when [On] is selected for [Rotate tall] in the playback menu.