To view the setup menu, select the B tab in the camera menus.

The setup menu contains the following items:



[Format memory card]

Format Memory Card

[Save user settings]

Save User Settings

[Reset user settings]

Reset User Settings



[Time zone and date]

Time Zone and Date

[Monitor brightness]

Monitor Brightness

[Monitor color balance]

Monitor Color Balance

[Viewfinder brightness]

Viewfinder Brightness

[Viewfinder color balance]

Viewfinder Color Balance

[Limit monitor mode selection]

Limit Monitor Mode Selection

[Information display]

Information Display

[AF fine-tuning options]

AF Fine-Tuning Options

[Non-CPU lens data]

Non-CPU Lens Data

[Clean image sensor]

Clean Image Sensor

[Image Dust Off ref photo]

Image Dust Off Ref Photo

[Pixel mapping]

Pixel Mapping

[Image comment]

Image Comment

[Copyright information]

Copyright Information

[Beep options]

Beep Options

[Touch controls]

Touch Controls



[Location data] *

Location Data

[Wireless remote (WR) options]

Wireless Remote (WR) Options

[Assign remote (WR) Fn button]

Assign Remote (WR) Fn Button

[Airplane mode]

Airplane Mode

[Connect to smart device]

Connect to Smart Device

[Connect to PC]

Connect to PC

[Conformity marking]

Conformity Marking

[Battery info]

Battery Info

[USB power delivery]

USB Power Delivery

[Energy saving]

Energy Saving

[Slot empty release lock]

Slot Empty Release Lock

[Save/load menu settings]

Save/Load Menu Settings

[Reset all settings]

Reset All Settings

[Firmware version]

Firmware Version

  • Displayed only when a GPS device is connected.

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