New Options for Custom Setting f2 “Custom Controls (Shooting)”: “Save Focus Position” and “Recall Focus Position”

Save focus position and Recall focus position have been added to the roles that can be assigned to camera controls using Custom Setting f2 (Custom controls (shooting)). You can save the current focus position by assigning Save focus position to Lens Fn button and then pressing and holding the lens Fn button. The saved position can be instantly restored by assigning Recall focus position to Lens Fn2 button and pressing the lens Fn2 button (“memory recall”). You may find this useful if you frequently return to subjects at a fixed focus distance.

  • Memory recall is available only when an autofocus Z mount lens equipped with Fn and Fn2 buttons is mounted on the camera. If the lens is not equipped with an Fn2 button, the camera cannot save the focus position even if the Save focus position is assigned to the lens Fn button.
  • Focus positions can be saved and recalled in both photo and movie modes.
  • Focus positions can be saved in any focus mode.
  • The stored focus position is reset when the lens is detached.

Memory Recall

  1. Select Save focus position for Custom Setting f2 (Custom controls (Shooting)) > Lens Fn button.

  2. Select Recall focus position for Custom Setting f2 (Custom controls (Shooting)) > Lens Fn2 button.

  3. Focus on the desired subject in the shooting display and press and hold the lens Fn button.

    If the operation is successful, an icon will appear in the shooting display to indicate that the focus position has been saved.

  4. Press the lens Fn2 button.

    • The saved focus position will be restored.
    • Holding the lens Fn2 button activates manual focus, and the camera will not refocus if the shutter-release button is pressed halfway while the control is pressed.

Cautions: Memory Recall

  • Focus positions cannot be saved while shooting information is displayed.
  • Changes in ambient temperature may result in focus being recalled to a position different from that at which it was saved.
  • Previously-saved focus positions tend to change if recalled after lens focal length is adjusted via zoom. If a saved focus position is recalled after the lens focal length is adjusted, the camera will sound four short beeps, provided that an option other than Off is selected for Beep options > Beep on/off in the setup menu.


  • If an option other than Off is selected for Beep options > Beep on/off in the setup menu, the camera will sound two short beeps when a focus position is saved or recalled in photo mode.
  • A beep does not sound in silent photography, movie mode or when Off is selected for Beep options > Beep on/off.