Choose the roles assigned to the A (L) and J buttons during playback. Highlight the desired control and press J.

AE-L/AF-L Button

The following roles can be assigned to the A (L) button:

Option Description
h Same as j when shooting The control performs the function selected for Custom Setting f2 (Custom controls (shooting)) > j AE-L/AF-L button.
g Protect Press the control during playback to protect the current picture.
c Rating Press the control and then use the multi selector to rate the current picture during playback.

OK Button

Choose from the options below. Regardless of the option selected, pressing J when a movie is displayed full frame starts movie playback.

Option Description
n Thumbnail on/off Toggle between full-frame and thumbnail playback.
o View histograms In both full-frame and thumbnail playback, a histogram is displayed while the J button is pressed.
p Zoom on/off Toggle between full-frame or thumbnail playback and playback zoom (to choose the zoom ratio, highlight Zoom on/off and press 2). The zoom display is centered on the active focus point.
u Choose folder A folder-selection dialog will be displayed; highlight a folder and press J to view the pictures in the selected folder.